Mia Fontes

Two different vets had told me that my dog was dying and that i needed to put her down. They both told me that they could not find anything wrong with Betsy. I was distraught. How could it be that two vets could not discover what was wrong with my baby? I didn’t know what to do. I was discussing my problem with a friend of mine when she referred me to see Dr. Meza. I was deep in debt ($3,000) from hospital bills. I didn’t want to become deeper in debt and have him tell me the same thing i had heard twice. Something inside me told me that i had to give it one last try. I arrived to Vet Care Animal Center, previously collett and was greeted by the wonderful staff. When i met Dr. Meza he and I clicked immediatly. We both spoke portuguese and this helped me explain what exactly my dog had been feeling. He then asked me “Do you believe in God?” and i replied Of course. He told me to go home and pray that my dog would be alright. Betsy stayed overnight with him and would be treated in various ways. I went home and prayed all night. The next morning i recieved a phone call directly from Dr.Meza explaining that Betsy was doing much better and that she would be able to go home. Although she wasn’t 100% better i noticed much improvement. Once i saw her, i was hooked. I knew this man was the man that was going to save my dog. I continued to bring Betsy for her appointments and two months later she is as good as new. She is doing so great and it is all thanks to Dr. Meza and his wonderful staff. I am forever grateful for this man. I recommend him to everyone one of my friends with pets.


Love and thank you Dr Meza, and staff.